Hammer And Hand

By June 10, 2015 November 17th, 2015 Animation blog
Hammer And Hand

Hammer And Hand Animation.

We love everything about this mysterious short created by the incredibly talented Colin Hesterly and The Academy . From the hand painted backgrounds to the soviet era influences all come together to create a brilliantly atmospheric short.

Seattle-based animator/designer Colin Hesterly is the Creative Director of the filmmaking agency The Academy. Check out their first hand-drawn film, its very short, but its pretty spectacular.

Says Hesterly, “Hammer & Hand follows the mysterious journey of one man creating something bigger and better than himself”. Some cool behind the scenes material. Character Design and animation is by Yassir Rasan.

Directed by Colin Hesterly

Animation / Character Design – Yassir Rasan

Design & Compositing – Colin Hesterly

Score – Cyrille Marchesseau

Sound Design – Julien Begault