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The Benefits Of A Visual Explainer Video For Your Website, Event Or Conference

By September 16, 2014June 5th, 2015Studio blog
The Benefits Of A Visual Explainer Video For Your Website, Event Or Conference

In the past couple of years there have been a growing number of businesses that use video animation to help market themselves. It seems in a very demanding digital age; consumers and customers want instant information at the end of their fingertips, while also receiving content in the best possible way.

Therefore as an account executive for a creative agency, who specialise in animated explainer videos. I often get asked the question ‘what are the benefits of an explainer video for my business’. And so in my first of many blog posts, I will give the definitive reasons of how an animated explainer can help market your business.

•Concept – With videos you can showcase your service from any angel. Visual explainers can represent key concepts that might be difficult to explain with text, or simple not as engaging in written format.

•Time – With explainer videos, it is much easier to explain things in a video in less than two minutes, than it is to read through scrolls of pages.

•Exposure – You can apply an animation to multiple channels, its not only useful for your home page of your website. You can also use it as an icebreaker, so potential clients can instantly get an idea of the personality of your company.

•SEO – With the popularity of online video continuing to grow, it makes sense for your company to be on as many different platforms as possible. In fact, free video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo have useful tools that allow you to upload your videos and have keywords to draw interest to them.

• Direct Traffic – With your visual explainer gaining popularity, you can have a direct link from your video straight back to your site. Gaining new potential clients and will also make easy reading to your Google analytics dashboard.

•Technology Savvy – An animation on your website can show your company is tech sophisticated. While also showing you are up to date with this current trend.

•Helps Audience Retain Information – A study conducted by the Wharton Research Centre discovered that the average person retains only 10% of what they hear, but 50% of what they see.

•Engagement – PowerPoint slide shows with pie charts hardly engage your clients. However a well-produced animation with engaging visuals can instantly capture the attention of your audience.

So all in all, aside from boosting your sales, gaining exposure for your brand and explaining your business clearly and concisely, video explainers work.That’s why we at Bliink believe that every company deserve their own animated world. Whether it is stop motion, whiteboard, 2D or 3D animations. Contact our team of specialists and find out what your company will look like through our eyes.