By September 24, 2015 November 16th, 2015 Animation blog


Fernán Graziano have crafted this beautiful and succinct character animation, illustrating in unexpected ways what happens when you mix process colours.

Director/animator Fernán Graziano: “The main idea came to us some time ago, then we combined that idea with some others and then step by step, improvising a little and building some others we created “CMYK.”

“We choose the mixing colors idea and discarded some others (like the still below). The most important thing was to make something simple and enjoyable and make it visible in the short, in the character design, in the animation, the audio, etc.”

Directed by Fernán Graziano
Scripts: Fernán Graziano, Santiago Graziano, Miguel Cesti
Art Direction: Santiago Graziano / Gabriel Fermanelli
Character Design: Gabriel Fermanelli
Design: Santiago Graziano
Animation: Fernán Graziano
Sound Design: Fernán Graziano