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Four Technologies To Revitalise Your Exhibition Stand This Winter

Four Technologies to revitalise your exhibition stand this winter

Four Technologies to revitalise your exhibition stand this winter

With business all over England gearing up to create their exhibition stands for the winter trade show season, I imagine many directors, sales executives and marketers are asking the same question. Are we getting the best out of our exhibition stand? And how can we look at ways to improve and entice potential clients?

This post is aimed at those who are looking to stand out at this year’s tradeshows and events and offers four different technologies to engage and entice your potential clients in.

1) Interactive screens

Firstly, we have to look at signage – it’s the first thing visitors to the exhibition will see. However, crafting a giant sign with your company branding on doesn’t really mean much if the visitor doesn’t know what you do, or what your purpose at the event actually is.

This is where interactive walls, floors or screens can be a huge hit, engaging visitors by allowing them to interact and learn about your product.  Not only will they make your exhibition space stand out from the rest, they also scream out that your business is ahead of the curve and tech savvy. As seen below, Bliink was commissioned to create a large touch-screen, interactive app to feature at Adweek Europe. Visitors to the event could use the app to flick through images, take a quiz, view time-scripted event information and tweet into a live feed using a Hashtag.  With over 14,000 attendees, the interactive app was a huge success and was nominated at the Livecom Awards 2013.

2) QR codes

It still surprises me at how underrated QR codes are at events.  QR codes can make your stand even more interactive.  They are the quickest way for your audience to access the information they need.  At the same time they can be set up to drive traffic towards your site, which is half the reason you are the event in the first place.  Another advantage of QR codes is that they have more longevity compared to printed brochures. Digital information saved on your phone cannot be damaged or thrown away like a brochure can.  This means the user can return to your information after the event, without the burden of carrying around your brochure all afternoon.

3) Video explainers

Next I would like to look at space. From looking at B2B events like The Energy Event, Farnborough Air Show and The Pharmacy Show, it’s clear to see that many businesses put a lot of work into their welcoming area. However many of these spaces are crammed full of products, barista bars and unneeded seating areas. This creates an environment that puts potential clients off, rather than enticing them in, leaving visitors standing on the outside looking in, making it harder for sales to spark up conversations.

This is where Bliink’s services come to fruition. Product demos, animated explainers and info-graphics are the perfect way to attract customers. While saving space, they sum up your business key facts, engage and instantly capture the attention of your visitor. These videos also leave your potential clients wanting more, having already been an ice breaker, they will encourage the client to step into the stand to find out more.

4) Augmented Reality

The use of augmented reality in exhibition spaces is an emerging field. Despite all the promise, it is only now, with the rise of powerful smartphone technology, that AR has finally become mainstream.  Just like QR codes and interactive screens, augmented reality is a great way to engage and interact with your audience for a rich user experience.  That’s why in recent years, companies such as Rover, Pfizer and EE have used this new technology to display their key facts, whilst inviting customers in from the sidelines.

Bliink developed an augmented reality game for android devices. The game is triggered by image recognition of the brand logo, delivering an on-site reward for playing, in the form of a discount code.  This would be the perfect addition to an exhibition stand at an event. And just like all the other technologies I have mentioned enables the visitor to once again engage, understand and learn everything you want them to about your company.