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Meet our new animation director

We asked him a few questions to find out how he started his career in animation and what inspires him!

Where did you grown up and have you always been into drawing?

I started drawing in my first year at high school when the school offered for me to join the Special Program in the Arts (SPA). I always feel inspired to create art whenever I see a painting and some charcoal drawings.

At what moment did you realise you wanted to animate?

During the last term of my IT college degree, our Dean changed our research to game development which was when I realised I liked animation. At the time, we didn’t know anything about game development so we decided to split into teams where I did all the research for design, 3D modelling, and animation. That was the moment I fell in love with the process of giving life to still images.

Did you go to college?

Yes, I did go to college! But I graduated as an Information Technology student and I studied programming during my college days. I didn’t study any illustration or animation, but I picked up a character animation bootcamp online course from the School of Motion and I listened to any sort of animation podcasts on YouTube. I believe if you really like what you do, you will find a way to learn and be great at it.

Did you go straight into the industry? Or did you do other jobs along the way?

After graduating college, I went straight into the industry and got an animator job in an explainer video company for 3 years. Following this, I went to a studio in Singapore and worked there for 1 year, then over 2 years ago I became a freelancer.

Whose work inspires you?

I am especially inspired by Ryan Woodward’s Thought of You project. I like his process and how he studied each movement to deliver the emotions to the audience.

What do you love most about working in animation?

At the moment, I would say I enjoy all that I am doing in my career. The process, the way you study each detail of  movement, I like the science of how living things or non-living things move and interact with each other.

What would be your dream job / project?

To work with people I admire, such as Ryan Woodward, and see how they work to learn and grow with them.