We wanted to keep the focus clearly on the packaging itself. To do this we created scenarios where these items were missing and how they impacted on the characters life.  This was then juxtaposed with the same scene but the packaging now playing its role and altering the outcome for that character.  Of course, things still don’t go to plan despite the packaging doing its job….

We didn’t want a voice-over for this. Instead we wanted the focus to remain on the physical alteration of the scenarios these packaging items have their environments and characters.  Using animation and comic timing was the clearest way without over elaboration and explanation from a script.  Clear title boards as a separation and conclusive device between the alternate scenes ensured message clarity.

Our Creative Director illustrated the scenes using illustrator and Photoshop.  These were then animated using a mixture of techniques in After Effects, including cell frame, puppetry, transitional motion and a little 3D for good measure.