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The Guardian

By September 24, 2015November 16th, 2015Animation blog
The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian by Alessandro Novelli shares this haunting, poignant story about a man who must confront his owns fears, manifested as The Guardian.  The idiosyncratic imagery and haunting music are almost hypnotic.  The playful and loose interpretation of reality, through skewed perspectives, mimic and represent how this is a journey that many of us face, in different ways, over the course of our lives.

Alessandro Novelli

Alessandro Novelli
Victor Perez
Andrea Gendusa

Illustration and Design:
Alessandro Novelli
Karolina Pospischil
Andrea Gendusa

Victor Perez – Character Animator, 3D Modeling
Alessandro Novelli – 3D modeling, 3D animation
Gabriele Maiocco – 3D heads modeling and Zbrush artist
Andrea Gendusa – 3D modeling, 3D animation

Original Music:
Simon Smith
Sasha Agranov

Voice Over:
Luis De Velasco

Sasha Agranov

Music Recording and Mixing:
Eric Nagel – at BCNSound – BCN

Voice Over recording:
Juan José Rodriguez – at Abuela Records – MX

Yves Roussel