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Catching up with Manu Correa Soto

We caught up with Manu to ask how he started his career in animation and what inspires him.

Tell me a bit about growing up and how you started drawing?
I used to draw a lot as a teenager but for some reason I stopped doing it for several years until I started learning traditional animation. I remember drawing a lot of Evangelion, Lupin the 3rd, Thundercats and Silverhawks characters.

When did you first realise that you wanted to animate?
Before I became a designer and animator I was a full time video editor at MTV Argentina. I was fascinated with the animation videos that makes the Art Department so I started my self taught animation life. And in that place I made “FRESh!” my first animation ever.

Did you go to college? Did you study illustration / animation?
I’ve studied film in the University of Buenos. I’ve finished that career and I immediately  began studying Graphic Design in the same college. I had the chance to study there for 2 years before work took over all my time and had to leave it. Great experience though, I learned a lot.

Did you go straight into the industry? Or did you do other jobs along the way?
I’ve started in the industry of design and animation when I was 26 years old! Kind of late. As mentioned I was a video editor but I consider  myself lucky that I’ve found what I love and more lucky that I get the chance to live from it.

Whose work do you admire? What inspires you?
I love CRCR, the French studio. They are awesome. I always watch the Gobelins, Buck, Odd Fellows videos. They’re style is always so catchy and cool.

The inspiration could come from everywhere, a song, a movie, a comic book. I’m reading Last Man from Bastien Vives now. Mindblowing. Miyazaki will be always my favorite animation director.

What do you enjoy most about your career?
I love every stage of my work. Thinking the idea, storyboard, concept, designing, animation. The chance of working with people that I admire it’s something incredible and really valuable

What would be your dream job / project?
My dream job/project would be any that gives me full creative freedom to spread my wings and get the best of me. Indulge the client while producing something I could feel proud of.

To view more of Manu’s work please check out his portfolio here!